Parents of
children receiving
often report that
their children
seem healthier
than other kids
their age.
Patient Testimonials
After incurring an injury to my back I enlisted Dr. Henri's services. That problem has
since resolved however I am continuing treatment as I have come to realize the
benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments. It is a very natural way to attain optimal
Dr. Henri is treating my developmentally delayed 10 year old granddaughter. Before
she started her treatments she was not potty trained, had constant breathing
problems, only spoke a few words and was much more uncontrollable. Now after
several weeks of regular adjustments she no longer wears pull ups, breaths with
much greater ease, speaks more and is even able to make sentences now! She
absolutely looks forward to her visits with Dr. Henri. My family and I are truly thankful
for the expertise and compassionate care we get from Dr. Henri. - Roberta Cumming  
When I first came to see Dr. Henri I had severe neck pain and left shoulder/upper
arm pain. Previous X-rays and an MRI revealed a herniated disc in my neck to be the
problem. I was taking several pain/inflammation medications prescribed by my G.P.
and getting only 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Several visits to another chiropractor
gave no improvement.
Now after getting adjusted by Dr. Henri I feel GREAT! Almost 100% back to normal.
The pain is gone and I have discontinued all pain medicine. My sleeping habits have
returned to normal and all this after only 3 weeks, Incredible.
Bravo Dr. H. - Paul Henry
When I first brought my 14 month old, Brandon to Dr. Henri he was not walking. He
would take 2-3 steps then fall down. Results from anything I tried were useless.
Now after a few weeks with his POWER ON Brandon his walking. Dr. Henri also
taught me a technique to strengthen his legs. Don't be afraid to tell Dr. Henri what
problems you are facing. Give Chiropractic a try. - Trudy Ennis
When I first came to see Dr. Henri I had hurt myself at work, herniating my L4-L5
disc. My left foot was numb, literally flopping to the floor when I tried to walk.  My
neurosurgeon found a 50% deficit in muscle strength of my leg and severely
diminished reflexes. He recommended a high dose Prednisone (steroid) regimen and
an immediate Myeloram/CT scan where if a fragment was found he would perform
immediate spinal surgery within 24 hours.
My girlfriend, a dancer and patient of Dr. Henri's brought me to see him. After a few
weeks of adjustments I am no longer using my cane, most of the strength has
returned to my leg and I am back at work on light duty. Dr. Henri did a great job of
fixing me up, when I first came to see him my other doctors wanted to do surgery. -
Christopher M. Geary
My son Daniel who is not quite 3 years old was diagnosed as PDD (a form of Autism)
this past August 2006.  At 19 months he developed walking pneumonia and was
given several antibiotics which did little to help. Finally he was given Amoxicillen
which caused a severe allergic reaction which turned him purple from head to toe.
Over the next months Daniel totally regressed mentally. Anything my pediatrician
tried did nothing to help. Research led me to the Candida based theory of Autism,
however when I spoke to my Pediatrician he told me not to get my hopes up about
these "unscientific" remedies and proceeded to question me about Daniel's being
behind in his vaccinations. Scared to death I took a leap of faith and under the
direction of Janet Pawul started Daniel on a homeopathic detox. Within 48 hours he
resumed eye contact! Over the next months my 2 year old began making progress. A
reflexologist who was also working with Daniel by now recommended that I bring
him to a Chiropractor for full spine adjustments.
At Wild By Nature I selected Dr. Henri's card off the board. Daniel greatly looks
forward to his visits with Dr. Henri. He is extremely comfy with him, cooperates fully,
and seems to innately know that he needs his adjustments. I also bring Daniel's older
brother Ryan, who is asymptomatic to be checked and adjusted. You don't have to
have symptoms to benefit from a chiropractor. Finally, Dr. Henri has helped me with a
herniated disc in my lower back. Visits to another chiropractor helped some, but only
gave me short term relief. Now after 5 weeks of adjustments, and doing the
stretching exercises Dr. Henri showed me I am pain free. Dr. Henri is caring,
personable, patient and provides a wonderful atmosphere for adults and children.
What have you got to lose? You owe it to your child to try. - Rachel Jones
When I first came to Dr. Henri I had a history of 21 years of asthma, along with back
and chest tightness. I take medication, including an asthma inhaler but never seem to
get any better.
Now after 6 weeks of care, with my POWER ON I actually can say I feel healthy which
is a new feeling for me. My message to anyone thinking about trying chiropractic care
with Dr. Henri is definitely do it! - Nicole Vallone
 When I first brought my 16 year old daughter to Dr. Henri she had backaches when
she woke up and whenever she was walking. This had been going on for about 1
year. Massage offered short term relief and nothing else we tried seemed to help.        
        Now after several weeks of care with her POWER ON she never complains about
her back. My whole family now gets regular adjustments. - Elisa Ramirez
 When I first came to Dr. Henri I was wheezing a lot and using my inhaler almost
every day. This was going on for the last 3 years. I also had moderate back pain.
 Now I don't wheeze at all! There is no need to use my inhaler and even though I am
now pregnant, my back hardy bothers me. At first I came in because Dr. Henri had
helped my husband with his bad back, but Dr. Henri explained to me how the spine
and nervous system affect breathing. Anyone thinking of trying chiropractic with Dr.
Henri should be open minded to the possibilities. - Trudy Ennis
When I first came to see Dr. Henri I had severe lower back pain for 2 weeks and
numbness and tingling in my left arm and shoulder pain for the past 3 years. I had
tried therapy, exercise and just ignoring the pain but found it all to be useless.
Now after 3 weeks of adjustments with my POWER ON i feel strong and healthy as a
young bull. My energy is better and "No More Pain." If you are thinking about seeing
Dr. Henri, JUST DO IT. - "Scotty" Pena
 While taking a walk one breezy, chilly January day I felt a twinge in my back. A few
hours later I couldn't move from the back pain. I found Dr. Henri's name in my gym
magazine and phoned him. He actually came to my house and worked on me which
gave me some initial relief. The next day at his office I began regular care and did
everything he asked including not working out, which was extremely difficult because
even though I am over 50 I compete in bodybuilding contests, and was entered into
two events in March. I religiously came in 3 times per week for my care and wound
up taking 4th place in the March 12 contest. However in the March 19th contest,
which aired on MSG Network I finished 1st! I owe my astounding recovery to Dr.
Henri. This was a total miracle that he performed. I FEEL GREAT! - Dr. Judy Meyers
 When I first came to see Dr. Henri I suffered from migraine headaches, had neck
pain and stiffness, digestive problems and occasional lower back and leg pain.
 Now I feel much better because I have almost no headaches and no migraines,
better vision in my left eye, better digestion and have stopped taking stomach
relaxers and greatly reduced neck and lower back pain. - Mark Alllerton
  When I first came to see Dr. Henri I had pain for 3 years where my leg joins my hip.
Visits to an orthopedist and neuro-surgeon were useless as they basically said its not
that bad, live with it. However, I work out on a regular basis and I am only 30 years
  Now after treatment I feel GREAT. Dr. Henri discovered the imbalance in my hip that
caused the pain. After 3 visits it feels 100% better. Frankly, I'm amazed. Give
chiropractic a try. Up until now I thought chiropractors were quacks. You've got
nothing to lose. - Carlos LaMadrid