My Side of the Cloud
by Dr. Henri
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My Side of the Cloud

The other day I had an experience
that was so special to me that I want to share it.

As a Chiropractor I am blessed
to have the opportunity
to connect with children
who receive chiropractic adjustments.

Many of these children
are without symptoms or major health issues,
who visit me because their parents understand
the importance of keeping their child's nervous system
clear of interference and working at its best.

As time marches on, these subluxation-free children
are sick less often than most of their peers,
take less drugs and antibiotics than most of their peers,
are rarely candidates for "common" kid's surgeries,
and grow up with their potential to be their best intact.

However, there are other children I connect with
who struggle with more serious, even dire health challenges.
Challenges that prevent these children
from living their life to the fullest,
that affect them both physically and/or mentally,
and affect not only them
but also affect the lives of their parents and siblings.

I KNOW that with love and understanding and faith,
and a healthy functioning nervous system,
these children have their best chance
of overcoming these challenges,
because with a healthy vibrant nervous system,
functioning clear of interference,
particularly in a young growing body,

In the past few weeks I have been connecting
with a young boy named Daniel, not yet three years old,
who at 19 months had his "normal healthy life" completely
derailed following a series of antibiotics prescribed by his
pediatrician for walking pneumonia. Before this event, his
"healthy" life included numerous food allergies, Rotavirus,
extended bouts with severe diarhhea, and daily vomiting.  
The outcome of this final antibiotic (amoxicillen) was swelling
from head to toe and a bluish/purple coloring. His mother
Rachel stated," We were at the pediatrician. Daniel looked
into my soul and I knew we were losing him. What could I do?
I couldn't stop my tears from falling on him."

Over the next few months Daniel regressed. He became an
unaware, unaffectionate, unresponsive, compulsive child who
would spend time laying on the floor moaning. He never
made eye contact. Professionals diagnosed Daniel with PDD
(Pervasive Developmental Disorder) which falls under the
Autism spectrum. Obviously his future was in great jeopardy.

Fortunately for Daniel, his mother Rachel
refused to sit by idly and listen to her Pediatrician
who told her  that nothing could be done,
don't listen to those other "healers",
don't believe that nonsense you read on the internet,
there is no conclusive evidence about what they do,
they might hurt your child,
and by the way, he is due for MORE vaccinations.

Desperate, confused, and at her wit's end, Rachel bravely
took a leap of faith and took the advice of a Naturopath,
Janet Pawul who had helped her with some of her own,
longstanding health problems, who enlightened her on how
to detox Daniel. Within 48 hours he resumed making eye
contact. A cranial therapist  soon came into Daniel's life,
where he continued to show improvement. A business card at
Wild By Nature ultimately led this struggling boy and his
courageous mom to my office.

After an lengthy, exhausting, getting to know each session,
where Daniel ran nonstop through my office
hardly aware that I even existed,
exploring and becoming comfortable in his new surroundings,
I managed to give him his first Chiropractic Adjustment.
I lovingly/jokingly called it "wrestling the alligator."

Within minutes Daniel fell asleep in his mother's arms.
Rachel informed me that Daniel falling asleep in her arms
almost never happens. While he slept, I quietly enlightened
her about the positive experience that had just occurred,
although I sensed she was more enjoying the moment than
listening to me, which in this situation was completely fine.
Watching her, content with him sleeping in her arms
was beautiful to witness.

Over the next few meetings Daniel and I began to bond.
He took a liking to my DVD player, which he learned to work.
He also quickly became at ease with my adjustments,
which I now performed by picking him up,
then lying him down on the office carpet
where he would relax watching his DVD show
while I gently adjusted his little spine.
Rachel informed at our next meeting me that
Daniel loves coming to visit Dr. Henri.

A few days ago Daniel came charging into my office
with his DVD in hand. He popped out the Chiropractic DVD
that was playing, placed his DVD into the machine and
pressed the button to shut the player door.
He picked up the remote and handed it to me
because he knew that this was my part of our routine.
As the DVD started, he called out which episode on the DVD
he wanted to see and was ecstatic when it began.
On his own, aware, and in control, he calmly made his way
over to the place on the carpet where I adjust him,
lay down on his side in the position that I usually position him,
and waited for me to come over and adjust him.
After balancing his pelvis he positioned himself for me to
adjust his atlas, the top bone in the neck
that controls SO MUCH of how we perceive and live our life.

What happened next caught me completely off guard
and changed me.
Under my hands his Atlas gently moved
and at the exact instant that the POWER in him turned ON,
I tangibly felt the GREATNESS of what had occurred,
and it literally knocked the wind out of me.
It is difficult, if not impossible to describe,
but the connection that I made with Daniel in that moment
was so tremendous
that I can feel it deep in my soul, right now as I write.

As for Daniel, he is getting stronger, smarter,
and expressing better health
with each and every  adjustment he receives.
He is well on his way to being just like you and me,
perhaps better. I know it!

I can't put into words how lucky I am to do what I do.

*Thank you Rachel J. for allowing me the priveledge
to interact and connect with your incredible son,
actually both of your  incredible sons.
Your monumental strength, courage, tenacity,
and persistence inspires me.
Thank you for the chance to serve you and your family.


-Dr. Henri
When I adjust a child
I feel God watching and smiling.
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