Dr. Henri's Bio
Dr. Henri Rosenblum earned his Bachelor's
degree from SUC at Oneonta, NY in 1982
and is a 1988 honors graduate of
Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa.

Following chiropractic associate positions
in NYC and Rockland County,
he entered private practice by opening the
We Care Chiropractic Health Center
on East 29th Street in NYC.
Two years later, Dr. Henri moved his practice
to a larger space, opening Central Chiropractic
at the corner of 42nd Street
and Madison Avenue, also in NYC.

After nearly 10 years of practice,
Dr. Henri took time off to enjoy
a 2 year around the world tour,
including 3 months in Australia where he studied
the little known body/mind art of Yantra Yoga.
He also spent 2 months visiting countless
temples and studying hands on healing with
indigenous Shaman, Gurus and Masters
while visiting numerous islands
of Indonesia and Thailand.
During this time he also wrote
both a sceenplay and a novel,
and met his lovely wife to be Charlene.

Beginning in 2000, Dr. Henri taught
Clinical Sciences for two years
to future Doctors at Life Chiropractic College
in Marietta, Georgia.

Upon returning to New York he worked first for
the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance
and then the Creating Wellness Alliance.

June 24th, 2006 marked the Grand Opening of
Dr. Henri's new practice,
Power On Chiropractic and Nutrition.

His passion is to provide a safe haven,
and a little bit of heaven
to all children and adults
who want to share, learn
and reach their potential to be their best
both physically and mentally.

When he is not connecting with people in his
office, he is active in the 3 Village Community
where he coaches first graders with TVSC soccer,
is a member of the Chamber of Commerce,
is an active Brother with the Free Masons
at Suffolk Lodge #60,
and serves and worships
at The Church On The Sound.

An active and enthusiastic lecturer,
Dr. Henri speaks regularly to groups,
clubs, schools and organizations
on various health topics.
If you want him to speak at your organization,
invite him.

Dr. Henri lives in South Setauket, New York
with his better half, the love of his life,
his wife Charlene
and their three children,
Keith, Sarah, and Lauren.
To Set an
for yourself,
your child
or entire family,