Making Your First Appointment
and What to Expect
     THANK YOU you for the opportunity to serve you,
your child, and your entire family
as your Family Chiropractor, and Wellness Coach.

Whether you have been to a Chiropractor before,
or this is your first time experiencing the
Wonders of Chiropractic,
there are policies and procedures that you may find different
from your past experiences visiting other health care professionals.

I believe that if you come to my office with the desire to get well,
willing to make a commitment to take action and be involved in your
care, then your health will certainly improve,
perhaps dramatically in a short period of time,
and if you stay on the path to wellness,
then there is no health goal
that with proper guidance and determination
that you can not achieve!


To set an appointment for yourself,
a family member, or your entire family
simply pick up your phone and dial

We will find a convenient day and time for you to visit.

If possible, please bring the following to your first visit
  • All Prescription Drugs you take,
    or a complete list of these drugs.
  • All over the counter drugs you take,
or a complete list of these drugs.
  • All Nutritional Supplements you take:
please bring the actual bottles,
as brands of supplements can vary greatly in quality.
  • Recent x-rays of your spine if applicable.
  • Any MRI reports of your spine if applicable.
  • Your most recent blood work.
  • Your Insurance Card if applicable.

At your first visit you will have every opportunity
to fully understand the services we provide
nd why you can expect to receive
excellent results once you begin care.

You will receive a thorough Chiropractic examination,
which will allow us to understand how your body structure
may be negatively affecting how your body functions.

You will receive 2 scans of your nervous system,
both are 100% painless and 100% noninvasive.
We utilize the most up to date technology,
The Insight Subluxation Station
which is the same technology used by the Space Foundation
to monitor the NASA astronauts.

You will view several short videos
that will further explain what we do and WHY,
and why you can expect to succeed here
when you may have failed with other methods of care.

Depending on our initial findings
we may or may not recommend x-rays.

You will then be set up for two appointments.
One to receive a full explanation of our findings,
along with  the opportunity to begin a program of care.
The second appointment is to attend our
POWER ON Health and Wellness Report
where you will learn what you can do outside our office
to help you get well as fast as possible
and achieve your overall your health goals.

Please ask lots of questions.
Please follow our instructions as closely as possible.
Please be committed to getting well.

And remember, without action, there can be no change.

The first step to getting better,
feeling better,
and being better
is to call.

Call Now.

Dedicated to


Dr. Henri